Middle Ground for Gun Control?

The article below is a great example of how the anti-gun establishment is trying to make strides forward. They are masking their attack on our 2nd amendment right by ditching the “ban guns” cry from years past and replacing it with “common sense” laws. Red Flag laws violates several of […]

Anti-Gun Companies and Organizations

This is a list National organizations and Companies that have taken an anti-gun stance either through statements or actions. The list is not complete by any means and may be a bit dated. Still worth sharing though. Some notable misses are Dick’s Sporting goods, Bank of America and other more […]

Columbus passes illegal “common sense” gun laws

This story came out of Columbus Ohio yesterday. Another example of a local government violating both their state’s constitution and the United States Constitution. COLUMBUS, Ohio After Columbus City Council approved what members call “common sense” gun laws, Monday, President Shannon Hardin gave this statement: “This package was about keeping […]